Welcome to Cirlan

Established in 2009 by a group of professionals
with more than 20 years experience in the sector.

Welcome to Cirlan

Hard-work, professionalism and know-how are the cornerstones of the company's employees.
Continuous improvement in our processes and constant modernisation of our systems are the keys to our success.

Welcome to Cirlan

Starting with the customer's design our technical staff cooperate and
dvise to ensure the quality of the product from the very start.


Single Sided Printed Circuit Boards


From the very beginning as manufacturers of printed circuit boards we have focused on the manufacture of small, medium and large series of single or double-face, non-metallized circuit boards in all of their variants. Our current capacity exceeds 400,000 m2 a year. Automated production lines and cutting-edge technology machinery, complemented by auxiliary installations, guarantee a quality product and the completion of delivery deadlines with competitive market prices

Thanks to the constant modernisation and automation of our technology, with the latest advances in silk screen and photographic printing, mechanised processes in all its variants, finish and electrical test, we guarantee the efficiency and reliability of our products.


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Technical Capacities





Single face

Single face

Circuit thickness

1.00 – 1.60 mm

0.80 – 1.00 – 1.20 – 1.60 – 2.40 – 3.00mm


CEM1 – FR2 – CEM3 – FR4 - Aluminium

Tg y CTI standard

CEM1 – FR2 – CEM3 – FR4 – ALU.

Tg (special), CTI (600v)

Copper thickness

35µ - 70µ

35µ - 70µ - 105µ

Circuit finish

H.A.L.- O.S.P.

Immersion Tin (Imm.Sn) – Immersion Gold (Ni/Au) – Electrolytic Gold (with no thickness limit) – Electrolytic Nickel (with no thickness limit)

Tolerances on Screen Printing layers / Mask

+/- 0,15 mm

+/-0,075 mm (photo)

Tolerances on Screen Printing layers / Components

+/- 0,20 mm

+/- 0,20 mm

Tolerances on Screen Printing layers / Peelable

+/- 0,25 mm

+/- 0,25 mm

Thicknesses Screen Printing layers (Mask / Diagrams)

+/- 14 µ

+/- 25µ (photo)

Thicknesses Screen Printing layers (Carbon / Silver)

+/- 15 µ

+/- 0,15 mm

Work panel dimension

510 mm x 610 mm

510 mm x 610 mm

Production cir. max. dimension

590 mm x 495 mm

575 mm x 485 mm (Led technology)

Circuit Dimension (Numerical control)

500 mm x 630 mm

500 mm x 630 mm

Circuit Dimension (Manual Scoring)

450 mm x 450 mm

450 mm x 450 mm

Circuit Dimension (Automatic Scoring)

650 mm x 650 mm

100 mm x 100 mm (minimum)

Solder resist colour

Green – Blue – White – Black – Gray – …

White (photo) – Black (photo) – Green (photo)

Diagram colour

White – Black – …

White – Black

Carbon, Silver and Peelable Printing



Minimum crown (ring)

0,3 mm / 0,4 mm (matrix)

0,2 mm

Track width / Between track

0,25 / 0,25mm

0,20 / 0,20 mm

Minimum drill hole (Numerical Control)

0,65 mm

0,55 mm

Minimum drill hole (Mould)

0,70 mm

0,70 mm

Minimum milling (Numerical Control)

0,80 mm

0,80 mm


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